The Tool Encapsulation Page

Here you'll find documents, software, and links to other resources on the topic of tool encapsulation.

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PhD Thesis about EDA tool encapsulation
 Browse through my PhD Thesis entitled Encapsulating Tools into an EDA Framework or download its postscript files for printing. Here you will find the design of a complete software package for design tool encapsulation as well as many links to other people's work. You may want to read the summary first. A dutch version is also available.
Paper at ICCAD'94 about EDA tool encapsulation
 This paper, entitled Towards Support for Design Description Languages in EDA Frameworks is located on the Web site of FIT, the Framework Integration Technology Group at GMD.

This paper is only available as postscript.


Click here to download the tool encapsulation toolkit Cocos which is described in my thesis. The package consists of
 a C++ module to encapsulate C/C++ objects in Tcl, providing a runtime syntax that closely resembles the popular [incr Tcl] package.
A schema compiler and interpreter,
 the Cocos parser generator, a preprocessor for bison/flex to provide easy parsing/unparsing of textual object descriptions.

Other Resources

The Framework Integration Technology Group
 at GMD's institute SET, home of the EuroCFI Technical Centre.
The CAD Framework Initiative,
 hosting a wealth of materials of framework related stuff.
The Nelsis CAD Framework,
 an open framework for electronic design.

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